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Mobile-geddon: Is your site mobile friendly?


On April 21st, 2015, Google made a major update to its search algorithm which favors mobile friendly websites. A mobile friendly website has larger text, easy-to-tap buttons, and resizes to fit the width of the device its being viewed on, regardless of the type of smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Despite Google’s announcement […]

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Having an SSL Certificate Benefits SEO


Google has officially announced that having an SSL Certificate for your website will help it rank better within organic search results. Google says that having an SSL Certificate for your website will give it a small ranking benefit.  At the moment, it won’t give you a huge advantage over your non-secure competition but in the […]

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Google Analytics: Track Page View during Ajax Call


You’ve probably added google analytics tracking code to the <head> section of every page of your website. This tracking code allows google to track page views and additional information when making requests for new pages, but what track a page view without loading a new page. A perfect example is when requesting data using ajax. […]

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7 Social Media Site Size’s – A Cheat Sheet for Designers


Social media websites have become a great outlet for company’s to let their fans and followers know what’s been going on within the company and to advertise products and services. Social media offers a great solution to content generation for the purpose of search engine optimization and it’s rapidly becoming a necessary component to every […]

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4 Easy Ways To Optimize Your Photos For Search Engines


So you’ve optimized your website for search engines. You’ve written your content with keywords in mind, you’ve submitted to directories, you’ve got other important sites linking back to yours. But have you optimized your images? Here are some great ways way’s to use images on your blog/website for search engine optimization purposes: 1. Alternative Text […]

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Google helps to speed up your website with mod_pagespeed


Google has been working on an amazing new module for web servers called mod_pagespeed. This open source module speeds up websites and decreases load time. This is beneficial for your impatient website visitors and for your organic SEO efforts. Mod_pagespeed applies web performance best practices to your website, compresses assets such as javascript & css […]

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