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Kill Switch on Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10


On January 12 Microsoft will release an “End of Life” patch to IE 8, 9 and 10. This means these browsers will no longer receive regular maintenance and technical support. A notification will go out to users running these versions to upgrade to the newest version, Internet Explorer 11. The patch will also include a […]

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Maintaining a Website


Completed websites still require some tender, loving care. When maintaining a website keep these things in mind. There are two sides to maintaining a website: software updates and content updates. Software Updates Any website that uses a CMS, blog, or security features may require regular updates to plugins, security software, and CMS bug fixes. Checking […]

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Shellshock Bug Affects Hundreds of Millions of Hosting Servers

Shellshock bug affects hundreds of thousands of web hosting servers

A recently discovered bug found on many computer systems has server administrators and computer owners scrambling. The aptly named Shellshock bug is a flaw in a computer program known as Bash  which makes hundreds of millions of computers susceptible to hijacking. It’s extremely likely that the impact of Shellshock will exceed that of the Heartbleed […]

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Having an SSL Certificate Benefits SEO


Google has officially announced that having an SSL Certificate for your website will help it rank better within organic search results. Google says that having an SSL Certificate for your website will give it a small ranking benefit.  At the moment, it won’t give you a huge advantage over your non-secure competition but in the […]

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