The average visitor spends less than one minute on your website. That is not much time to really see what your site is about or what you have to offer. You have to not only get the attention on your visitor, but keep it, and keep them coming back.

Frequently posting news and events to your website will not only keep your visitors coming back, it will also provide more content for the search engines to work with. Additional content will help your website rank higher on major search engines which will ultimately lead to an increase in monthly visitors to your website.

News Manager Features

  • Add a small teaser to entice visitors to read the full article
  • Post a photograph that accomodate your story
  • Attach up to 4 documents containing additional information or a printable version
    of the article
  • Post unlimited news articles

Content Management System Features

  • Login securiy from any computer with an internet connection
  • No software required - simply use your favourite web browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer
  • Extremely easy to use - regardless of how much you know about computers or the internet
  • An understanding of HTML is NOT required - you do not need any form of web design and development training

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