Meet The Team

Link Web Development has a team of project managers, designers, coders and programmers
that can assist you with practically any type of website or web application.

Gary Oosterhuis


Gary is a leading web developer as well as our resident programming whiz! He handles the installation and configuration of e-commerce websites, blogs, forum software, web applications, and any other database-driven site functionality. He is the man behind our custom content management system. He deals with PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX and more.

Sean Massa

Lead Front-End Developer & WordPress Developer

Sean is responsible for the creative solutions behind all of our website design projects. With over 10 years of graphic design experience, he can nail down the most complicated designs. He is proficient with Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML and much more. He is also the main front end coder, which allows him to think through the development process while designing to streamline our projects.

David Peachey

Web Developer / Project Manager

David has 6 years of experience in building highly functional web applications in corporate environments using technologies such as XHTML, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and Ajax.

Geoff Swan

App Developer / Web Developer

Geoff’s development skills include: iOS Development, Android Development, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, and HTML development.