Domain Names

Start with the right domain name. It's more important than you might think.

We believe that there is no single perfect domain name. Every company website should have 2 domains.
First, for the purpose of getting found on search engines, pick a domain name that contains keywords that people will search for. For example, if you sell seashells and your target market is in Toronto, consider as your primary domain name.
Your second domain name should be based on your company name. For example, if your company name is Gary’s Surf Shop, consider as your secondary domain name.


By following these suggestions, your website will have a better chance of
getting found when people search for Toronto seashells and those who already
know you will successfully assume that your domain name is

Purchasing many domain names for a single site

Many people believe that you should purchase a plethora of different domain names that contain specific keywords with the intention of getting found on search engines for those keywords.

It’s not true. Don’t waste your money. Every website can have only 1 primary domain name. The remaining domain names are pointers. Using the examples above, when visiting, the visitor will be redirected to the primary domain name of It is possible to set it up so that the visitor does not get redirected but it is not recommended as search engines will then see the two domain names as two identical sites. Search Engines frown upon duplicate content and will think that you’ve copied content from another website.

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