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Wordpress Security Updates

Wordpress Upgrades & Security

Thousands of Wordpress Blogs are Hacked Every Day

Google blacklists approximately 10,000 websites each date. Many of which are powered by WordPress.

If you are serious about your website, then you need to pay attention to WordPress security best practices. WordPress’ popularity makes it a big target for hackers.

WordPress, plugin and theme updates generally consist of bug fixes, improvements patches in vulnerable code. Updating these elements on a regular basis means that your website is less likely to get hacked.

Link Web recommends installing and configuring a reputable security plugin and updating the WordPress software, plugins and themes on a regular basis.

Our Security & Update Plan

One Time

Install and configure a security plugin – to help thwart hacking attempts.


  • Backup WordPress
  • Updated WordPress core
  • Update paid themes
  • Update plugins
  • Confirm successful updates

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