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Our knowledgeable team can help you get your WordPress based website off the ground today.
Link Web Development has been developing with WordPress for over a decade.


WordPress is one of the most well known open source content management systems. It was built with flexibility and ease of use in mind. Themes allow WordPress websites to have custom looks and feels. Whether it’s through a well-priced, pre-made theme or a custom theme, WordPress websites can take on practically any design style and functionality, from a simple 5-page website to an e-commerce website.

Out of the box, WordPress is simple. It does not come bloated with complicated functionality or loads of unneeded plugins. Should you need to expand beyond the basics of a default WordPress install, many free and economical plugins are available to offer a huge array of functionality.


WordPress Themes

Have a tight budget? Thousands of economical WordPress themes and templates are available to help you get your website up and running quickly and on budget. Have you already found a theme that closely matches your needs but isn’t quite there? We can customize themes to match your ideas and branding.

Custom Themes

Are you looking for something that meets your exact specifications? No problem. Our design and development team can create a unique theme just for you. We’ll make it responsive so that it looks perfect on any device such as tablets and mobile phones.

Katelyn Campbell

Digital Initiative

The Link Web team is fantastic to work with. They have a variety of skills and are brilliant in what they are able to accomplish. Collaborating with these beauties over the past year has always been rewarding and worthwhile.