Custom Software Solutions

Perhaps your project requires special software integration. With your own dedicated server you have the ability to install and maintain your custom applications.

Freedom From Unwanted Trouble-makers

With your own dedicated server you never have to wonder who else has access to your server.

More Power!

Unlike shared servers with a dedicated server you have full access to resources of the server including disk space, memory and processing power.


A dedicated server gives you the ultimate ability to either resell individual accounts or resell reseller packages.

All servers are powered by linux running cPanel, CGI, PHP and MySQL and are backed by a 99% network uptime guarantee.

Get your dedicated server today!

Dedicated server prices fluctuate frequently. Send us some server specs or describe your  website/application requirements. We'd be glad to send a quote for 3 relevant server configurations.

centOS    cPanel    PHP    mySQL



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