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How to pick the perfect domain name

We believe that there is no single perfect domain name. We believe that every company website should have 2 domains.

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Purchasing many domain names for a single site

Many people believe that you should purchase a plethora of different domain names that contain specific keywords with the intention of getting found on search engines for those keywords.

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Common domain name extension and their uses

Ext. Description Annual Price


Commercial - Generally intended for commercial use. By far the most recognized domain name extension.



Canada - This is a ccTLD that is generally reserved for Canadian based businesses.



Business - This is a gTLD that is generally registered to classify their website as a business. Although it's not a commonly recognized extension, I feel that it’s a great alternative if the .COM extension isn't available so that your competition doesn’t try to squat on it.



Info - This gTLD is generally used as an extension for informational websites. I believe that other than .COM, .NET & .ORG, it’s the most popular domain extension used. If you are developing an informational website it’s definitely a domain extension that I’d register.



Organization - This domain extension was originally intended for non-profit or trade organizations. Again, this is no longer the case and is generally registered by anyone looking to protect their main domain by registering all available domain extensions or simply because a better extension isn’t available for registration.



Network - This was originally intended for network oriented sites such as internet service providers. This definitely isn’t the case any longer. People will register .NET domains for commercial use, generally if the .COM extension isn’t available or if they’d like to protect their main .COM domain by registering all available extensions.



United States - This ccTLD generally refers to US based companies. Although the domain has been out for quite some time now it’s possible to find some very good domain names with this extension.



Television - In my opinion it’s used primarily for media, primarily video, related websites.



Business - It was originally designated as the country code for Belize, but is now commonly used by small business who can’t get the name they want using the .biz extension. It is unrestricted and may be registered by anyone, from any country.



Mobile - This domain extension, as of this writing, is fairly new. Although majority of the domain name owners registered their domain name with the .MOBI domain name to protect their brand, it is primarily reserved for website built for displaying on mobile devices.



New - This domain extension was originaly designatated as the country code for the island state of Niue but is often used to represent the word 'new'



Coco's Keeling Islands - It was originally the country code for Coco’s Keeling Islands. It is unrestricted and may be registered by anyone, from any country.



Website - This is actually a ccTLD for Western Samoa but was converted to a domain extension commonly used as an acronym for ‘website’. Although it seems that it would be a great extension I don’t feel that it really ever took off and you can find very good domains available with the .WS extension.



Europe - This is a ccTLD that is generally reserved for European basesd businesses.



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