Custom WordPress Design in Barrie, Ontario

Websites don’t have to be complicated. You’re most likely from one of two camps. You’re either here because someone recommended that your next website be developed using WordPress, or you’ve had a bad experience with WordPress and are trying to figure out why so many people are still recommending it.

WordPress is an amazing platform used to develop websites. Unfortunately, not all developers use it to create websites that are easier for their clients to maintain. The same is true for purchased themes. Not all purchased themes are created equally.

While we will work with purchased themes, our initial direction is to recommend custom development. Custom WordPress development allows us to create a website that’s perfect for you. Using a purchased theme often leads to us bending the will of a theme to work for you. Which would you prefer?

Why Wordpress?

  • Responsive design that’s optimized for mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers
  • Includes built-in search engine friendly functionality
  • Have a site that can grow as your company grows
  • Update/add content without the help of a web developer — We’ll still be here if you need us
  • Work with a cost-effective website platform
  • Enjoy a quick-loading website

Sarah Huter – Assistant GM

Mount St Louis Moonstone

Link Web has been an incredible partner to Mount St Louis Moonstone Ski resort and is responsible for growing our online presence. They are fast and efficient in completing projects, always willing to work with third parties like our POS provider and social media platforms to enhance MSLM on the internet. Our website is our resort customer's #1 go-to destination for resort sales and information and the staff at Link Web ensure is user-friendly and accurate at all times.
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