WordpressWordpress is a very powerful open source Content Management System and blogging engine. Like all open source platforms, its raw code is available to anyone to who wants it and like any piece of software, it can contain security holes. Security holes that are easier to discover due to its open source nature and a great target for hackers because it is used by millions of businesses. 

The developers of Wordpress release approximately 7 new versons per year. Most versions include enhancements and new features. All versions include bug fixes and security patches.

It is important more now than ever to ensure that your Wordpress Blog is up to date and secure.

Our Upgrade & Security Package Includes

  1. Installation and configuration of a security plugin on day one
  2. Upgrade to the newest version of wordpress with 2 days of its release, including:
    • Upgrade all themes
    • Upgrade all plugins*


* Some plugins and themes  may not be be compatible with new versions of Wordpress. Modifications of themes may incur additional costs.



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