4 Easy Ways To Optimize Your Photos For Search Engines

David Peachey | March 9, 2013

So you’ve optimized your website for search engines. You’ve written your content with keywords in mind, you’ve submitted to directories, you’ve got other important sites linking back to yours. But have you optimized your images?

Here are some great ways way’s to use images on your blog/website for search engine optimization purposes:

1. Alternative Text

Alt tags were originally created to increase usability. Search engines use the alt tag to determine what an image represents.

2. Proper File Names

If you’ve taking a photo with your camera, the file is likely to be named similarly to IMG0001.jpg. Search engines can’t make very good use of such a file name. Try renaming the image to something more keyword rich such as website-design-barrie.jpg

3. Title Attributes

Title attributes work similar to alternative to text with one difference. Alternative text is designed to appear in place of an image if it cannot load while a title attribute appears when the mouse is placed over an image.

4. Similar Keywords

Be sure to make use of similar keywords. It’s important to repeat your keywords within your content, without overdoing it. Before you begin writing content for a page be sure to consider the keywords you’d like to use. Use these keywords within the content, image file names, alt tags, and title attributes. They’ll help each other drive home the importance of the keyword.

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