7 Great Ways To Use QR Codes

Sean Massa | March 8, 2013

More than half of the population of North America is now using smart phones. While QR codes have been out for a few years, we’re finally starting to see them being used in larger numbers. It took some time, but consumers are finally familiarizing themselves with these square dotted codes and have an app that can scan them.

QR codes are a great way to promote your business. It’s important to know where to put them to maximize exposure.

Try some of these great ideas:

1. Newspaper Ads

Newspaper advertisements are often cut out and saved for later where they are lost amounts the other clippings. A QR code allows the reader to quickly scan and save details for alter.

2. Business Cards

Business cards tend to display minimal information leaving their readers curious of your products and services. A QR code can be scanned quickly and your website saved as a bookmark before the business card gets lots in a pile of other cards.

3. On Vehicles

Most vehicle advertising displays a company, a list of services, a phone number and a website address. This is far too much information to take in while on the road. Have you ever driven back home repeating a website address in hopes that when you reach a computer you can visit a website, only to forget the address when your favourite song comes on? A QR code allows drivers to quickly scan and save a website address for later.

4. Classified ads

Most classified services charge by the number of words used. A QR code can save you some money.

5. Brochures

Print media is an effective form of advertising but can be costly. A QR code allows you to create smaller print ads with QR codes that lead to greater detail.

6. Yard Signs

Many contractors use yard signs while performing services for home owners. Neighbours walking by may be interested in your service, give them the ability to scan the code makes it easier for them to connect with you.

7. Store Window

Place a QR code in your store window. Those who are passing by and are curious or those who arrive while you’re closed can acquire additional information about your business through the QR code.

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