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Shellshock Bug Affects Hundreds of Millions of Hosting Servers

Shellshock bug affects hundreds of thousands of web hosting servers

A recently discovered bug found on many computer systems has server administrators and computer owners scrambling. The aptly named Shellshock bug is a flaw in a computer program known as Bash  which makes hundreds of millions of computers susceptible to hijacking. It’s extremely likely that the impact of Shellshock will exceed that of the Heartbleed […]

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Google helps to speed up your website with mod_pagespeed


Google has been working on an amazing new module for web servers called mod_pagespeed. This open source module speeds up websites and decreases load time. This is beneficial for your impatient website visitors and for your organic SEO efforts. Mod_pagespeed applies web performance best practices to your website, compresses assets such as javascript & css […]

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