The Importance of Responsive Web Design in 2015

Brittany Horlings | March 2, 2015

Responsive design is optimized for mobile device and tablet users. The increase of these devices in web browsing has been on a fast incline since 2014. Mobile web browsing is absolutely the way of the future. In order to stay at pace along with this phenomenon our websites must also evolve.

By the end of 2014, 82% of new websites were being developed using response technologies. Compared to the 11% of previously built sites using responsive design, this is a huge increase in responsive development.

Those that have existing non-responsive sites will soon fall behind.

2015 is the year of responsive development. Mobile users are learning that more and more sites cater to their device sizes and will seek them out.

Mobile Devices

Our smart-phone’s screen sizes are constantly changing with the development of new technology. Responsive design uses extremely clever techniques to compensate for the vast range of mobile screen sizes.

These techniques are also called patterns. Two common patterns in responsive design are “column drop” and “off canvas”.

  • “Column drop” first refers to the use of columns in web design to help manage content, and design eye-pleasing layouts. In responsive design “column drop” stacks text columns on top of each other, keeping all the text at a readable size.
  • “Off canvas” hides content that would normally be seen on a personal computer’s web browser, such as side navigation, and hides it on a mobile screen, thus literally putting it “off screen”. The content is still there but it just put into a drop down menu, or some other place to hide side content.

Both of these techniques are used by responsive design sites to organize content for optimal viewing for mobile device and tablet users.

Fluid Design

Pictures and icons on websites is becoming vital for professional companies to display products and services. With responsive design, pictures will resize to fit the screen instead of cropping or displaying in unnatural sizes. The design of the website is vital for branding and consumer recognition. A website should be professionally organized and simple for a person to navigate. However the sudden increase in mobile users meant the sudden increase of mobile style websites. This was a short-term solution. Mobile sites should no longer be required. Why have two sites when one will suffice?

Responsive design isn’t just for mobile devices. It is compatible on desktop computers as well. Most users do not use the full screen size for their browsers and share the screen with other applications such as mail and word editing documents. For users to be able to adjust their browser size and still have the full capacity of your website to use is so important.

Responsive web design will help control the way content is viewed on your site in addition to having a flawless design where everything falls into place, no matter what size your screen is.

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