Top 10 Reasons to have a Website

Gary Oosterhuis | January 23, 2013

1. To establish your online presence

Over 17 million Canadians have access to the internet from their homes. Be part of the online community and enjoy its benefits.

2. To advertise your business

This of your website as a online brochure that is available 24/7. It doesn’t spend time at trade shows or going door. It’s constantly available, promoting your business.

3. To save on advertising costs

Having a well designed website advertise your business can be very effective. A website is far more economical than radio, newspaper, billboard, telemarketing and direct mail advertising. The only major cost involved with having a website is the design and development cost and its one-time. Update and maintenance cost are minimal compared to other recurring costs.

4. To save the environment

With a business website, you won’t have to print as many flyers, brochures, etc. It may only save a few trees, but every bit helps.

5. To make changes quickly

Once 5,000 brochures are printed or a newspaper ad is posted, it’s final. If mistakes are made, they’re final. Website changes can be made quickly and easily. With a content management system you can even make the changes yourself.

6. To enhance your customer service

When most Canadians need information on a product or service they turn to the internet. We live a busy lifestyle and businesses aren’t always open when we have the time to do our research. Furthermore, many people prefer to communicate via email rather than picking up the phone.

7. To protect your local market

By now most of your local competitors have a website. You need to be able to compete with them online. Furthermore, those that you wouldn’t consider competitors because they’re not local are now in your local territory because they’re online and advertising in your area.

8. To reach a specialized market

If your business is specialized, then having a website is a great way to exhibit your professionalism in your area of expertise.

9. To stay competitive

Most businesses have a website. It is very unlikely that your competitors do not. If they don’t, they may not be too happy to hear that you have one.

10. To sell online

Selling online may not be a necessity for many small to medium-sized businesses. However, with the rapidly-increasing number of people conducting business online, it may be more important than you might think.

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